Hampden Gallery
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
January 28-February23, 2018

A collection of drawings and paintings based on my contemplation of the notion of falling: to pass suddenly and passively in to a state of body or mind or a new state or condition. (Merriam-Webster)

Walking, gazing down, thoughts inward. I am looking for clarity.

Objects drop, ideas form, allowing for an interpreation of their fallen state.

Drawing these findings put me into a state of ease, allowing me to organize my thoughts. I was able to return to the roots of my original explorations, pencil and paper. These studies provided a gateway for me to interpret these forms into color on canvas.

When I am most comfortable painting, I find my mind and brush strokes pass into a state where I feel as thought I am drawing. The building up and blending of color enables me to create fluid organic forms. This body of work bends toward a semi-literal interpretation of of objects with a gesteral flow of paint.

photography  courtesy of Benjamin J. Dussault